4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Slowdown Aging

by Maarten Van Nus

So, let’s talk about aging and anti-aging, on which we Boomers spend so much money. And, by so much, I’m talking an estimated $114 billion worldwide in 2015 alone.

We spend it on creams, pills, foods, and anything that screams it will reverse aging. But we neglect the very basic ways in which we can slow aging down and, yes, even reverse it to an extent. And these ways have been available to us all along. Like Occam’s Razor saying goes, the simplest answer is often the best.

With that in mind, try these 4 inexpensive and simple ways to slow down the aging process.


I know you’ve been breathing your whole life but are you breathing properly? By just sitting or lying and breathing properly – that is, taking slow, long, deep breaths down into your belly — you slow down your heart rate and calm your nervous, muscular, and circulation systems, and detoxify the body. Those deep breaths – used all the time — reduce stress in your mind and body which, in turn, slows down aging immensely.


It can’t be stated enough how great exercise is for us.

  • Exercise helps us retain lean muscle, which burns more fat than anything else and keeps us from becoming overweight.
  • Exercise raises our Human Growth Hormone (HGH, or simply GH) levels, which the body needs to maintain our bone density and is critical to cell regeneration. Essentially, HGH keeps us upright!
  • Exercise reduces one of the worst aging processes in the body: inflammation.
  • Exercise is the best way to fight against stress and depression two factors we to beat to slow down aging.

Remember: If you don’t use muscle, you will lose muscle.

Eat For Your Body

The food we put into our body will either keep it young and vibrant or make it old before its time.

We should keep our food body-friendly and as clean and pure as possible with an 80:20 ratio of alkaline versus acidic foods. A body that is at a proper 7.4 pH will function better with less work than one that is too acidic or too alkaline. When our body struggles less to do what it needs to, the signs of aging are reduced significantly. You can learn more about the importance of blood pH in Help! I’m Being Held Prisoner By My Couch.

Our digestive system can be very energy-draining when abused by ingesting body harming products such as processed and fast foods. These products will tax our digestive system to the max and that, in turn, overworks our whole body and puts all our organs under stress. When a body is in nutritional stress, aging speeds up, so eat only healthy whole foods and watch the years on your body melt away.

Change Your Mind

Age Quoate for Blog-01There are 3 ways to define and think about our age and aging:

  • Chronologically
  • Biologically
  • Psychologically

Not all three are equal. Let’s examine why.

Chronological Aging

Let’s look at the first way – and what I believe is the worst way – to think about aging: chronologically.

Far too many people believe our chronological age is the one and only way to determine what we can and cannot do physically and mentally.

From birth, the number representing the years we have been alive – our chronological age – is, by convention, used to labels us and very often we live up or down to the limitations doctors, psychologists, anthropologists, elders, and wives-tales have told us about particular ages.

But what if those culturally accepted norms are, in fact, wrong? What if how long we have been on the earth does not determine how old our body and mind are?

How do you think your outlook on life would change if you thought about aging in a whole new way? One in which you control what is happening to you and your body regardless of what people say? One in which your own thinking, beliefs, and habits dictate far more than what you have been led to believe?

Shifting the way we think about our age requires focusing on two other factors of aging: biology and psychology.

Biological Aging

Measuring our age based on biology – or biological aging – refers to how healthy (or worn out) parts of our bodies are. Our biological age is determined somewhat by genetics but more significantly by:

  • What we put into our bodies, be it good or bad;
  • How we exercise our body or don’t; and,
  • How we protect our body by getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and enjoying life.

Psychological Aging

The third, and what I believe is the biggest determinant of each of our speeds of aging, is psychological aging.

Remember the old saying, “You’re only as old as you feel?” This adage is never truer than with psychological aging. But, I feel we need to add a few words to the end of the saying: You’re only as old as you feel and think.I admit that the mind influences the body. -- Albert Einstein. Photo: Einstein on his 72nd birthday. Credit to: Arthur Sasse


You see, we can only be as young, as old, or as healthy as we feel and think. If we constantly think and complain about getting (chronologically) “older” then, as a self-fulfilling prophecy, we will start to feel that way. Once we feel that way, aging speeds up and health deteriorates.

But if we start feeling, thinking, and really believing that we are far younger and healthier than what our “chronological age” dictates, our body has no choice but to comply with our new belief and greatly slow down the aging process to return to a healthier state.

So, by combining the biological and psychological aging mindsets together, miracles happen.

Actually, it’s not really a miracle, it’s you helping your body become and be what it was always meant to be: A remarkable self-rebuilding, self-repairing, self-regenerating vessel to carry you through this thing called your life.

Maarten Van Nus

Maarten is a health & fitness specialist who has a particular interest in health for Baby Boomers. He has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and loves what he does.

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