At BoomerBody, we are committed to the health and fitness of the Boomer Generation.

BoomerBody was founded in 2010 by Maarten Van Nus with a mission to provide exercise, health, and lifestyle specifically for people of the Boomer generation.  Since 1975 he’s helped countless men & women regain strength, flexibility and heal painful conditions that doctors said were permanent.  Now, he’s sharing his knowledge with the world ​here at BoomerBody.ca

  • Why the boomer Generation?
  • At boomer Body We…
  • Who Is A Boomer?
  • Because we are boomers.
  • Fitness programs designed for Boomers are rare; great ones are rarer.
  • Boomers want to stay active and enjoy life as we age.
  • Boomers understand our levels of health & fitness affect personal vibrancy & happiness.
  • Avoiding and correcting injuries is critical to leading active lives.
  • We want to help Boomers who think improving their health & fitness is impossible.

At BoomerBody we:

  • Select exercises carefully to ensure solid, lasting results.
  • Allow you to exercise where you want, when you want.
  • Focus on the power your mind has over your fitness choices, commitments, and results.
  • Supply exclusive tips that provide:
    • Focus We remind you what your mind should be focusing on as you complete each repetition of each exercise: Precise Mental focus & visualization is key.
    • Form We remind you of the correct physical form to use to get the best result from each move: Precise Physical form is critical.
    • Function We remind you how exercise is helping your body work and feel better: Combining Mental & Physical precision results in outstanding Function.

Who’s a Boomer?

  • Born between 1946 & 1964.
  • Part of the largest generation yet.
  • Part of the most educated generation yet.
  • Part of the most affluent generation yet.
  • Part of the healthiest & longest living generation yet.
  • Part of the most physically active generation yet.

Meet Maarten Van Nus, Founder of Boomer Body

Maarten Van Nus, the founder and leader of BoomerBody.ca, has been training and studying the human body since 1975.

He’s seen fitness trends come and go and he’s guided hundreds of people to train their bodies and minds past their self-made limitations to achieve their own personal fitness and health goals.

Maarten lives what he teaches and, thus, understands what we, as clients, must overcome to create the bodies and health we desire.

What Maarten has developed and proven over time is a unique technique of training that incorporates the power of our mind over our body.

  • Stop believing our health and fitness are determined by time and our chronological age.
  • Understand why we both do and do not want to exercise and determine a lasting motivation to remain fit, become fit, or improve our fitness as much as we wish.
  • Stop comparing ourselves to other people or standards and stop worrying about how much, how fast, how many, how quickly, instead focusing on results.
  • Visualize how we will feel, look, and think when achieving our goals..
  • Stop believing our health and fitness are determined by time and our chronological age.
  • Use the power of our mind to influence our bodies while exercising.
  • Employ Muscle Unit Stimulation Technique or MUSTTMP to focus your training to create strength and tone faster with less physical stress than other methods.
  • Maintain a habit of stretching, massage, and relaxation to ensure health is maintained in between exercise sessions.