M.U.S.T Training Mindset – With Dov Baron

by Maarten Van Nus, Dov Baron, & Barb Kelly

So, just what is M.U.S.T training and why is it so different from other training techniques?

Muscle Unit Stimulization Technique

A Muscle Unit is a unique set of muscle fibres and the neuron (connected to the mind) that we focus on in each exercise we do.

Stimulization is our neologism that describes what we do with the muscle unit during the technique – we use our mind to stimulate a particular neuron and muscle to complete the exercise – to build physical strength and stamina more efficiently.

And a Technique is a physical movement using special knowledge or skill (in our case using the mind with the movement) and repeated to reach a goal.

Why M.U.S.T is Differen

Watch this video of Maarten Van Nus with Dov Baron, who describes why M.U.S.T training is so different from other exercise programs: It’s because the exercises are based upon a MINDSET that promotes fitness and strength even if light weights or exercises are performed.

Watch Dov Baron Talks About Mindset  (opens in new tab)

Mindset is important on 2 levels:

  1. How you focus on the muscle and neuron you are using for each exercise.
  2. How you see yourself as you are working out.

Focussing on the Muscle

Focussing on the muscle means thinking throughout the entire exercise about the muscle being used and using it fully throughout the move (this is describe more fully in our book, Help: I’m Being Held Prisoner by my Couch! and our previous blog Muscle Unit Stimulization Technique — M.U.S.T — You MUST Try It!)

Focussing on the Self-image

Each of us, when we look in a mirror, do not see ourselves as others do: We see ourselves through filters created by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have about ourself based on impressions we build up through interactions with others, including our family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

These filters affect the way we think and talk about ourselves: I am fat, I am stupid, I am a poor athlete, I am weak, I am slow, etc.

All these “I AM” statements literally TELL your body how to behave. If you say you ARE fat, you will be and stay fat. If you say I am unfit, you will continue to be unfit. You are sending these messages to yourself.

To change your mindset, change the negative beliefs and statements to the past and find a positive “I AM” statement to replace each one:

“I was fat but now I AM losing weight.”

“I was unfit but now I AM exercising and eating healthy.”

As soon as possible, forget the statement about the past and stay in the present:

“I AM thin.”

“I AM fit.”

“I AM healthy.”

“I AM eating well.”

And, as you change you mind, you’ll see your body follow and become who you are telling yourself you are.

Stay with the positive I AM statements and practice M.U.S.T training and you will look better to yourself – and that makes all the difference to all those around you.

Maarten Van Nus

Maarten is a health & fitness specialist who has a particular interest in health for Baby Boomers. He has over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry and loves what he does.

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